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​Suur-Paala 19, 11415 Tallinn
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8:30-17:00

The warehouse entrance is located at the back of the building.

To collect your order, please call the number provided at the barrier and proceed to door number 4.

I have a technical question

+372 5562 7707

I have a general question

​​+372 5197 5074

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    Our sales team is ready to assist you!

    Sales & Export Manager

    ​Valdo-Kristo Vimmsaare

    ​Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania and Japan

    Export Manager

    Fred Piirimäe

    USA, Canada, Australia, Netherlands and Belgium

    Export Manager

    Ander Rämmal

    Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria

    Feedback for departments?

    Andrus Vare


    Henri Lindal


    Madis Kass

    Head of sales & marketing

    Allan Vedom

    Head of Development

    Mirjam Lindal

    Chief accountant

    Ainar Pent

    Quality engineer