Climate control

Climate control

Saunum Base

A climate device for a sauna with a wood-burning or electric heater. Saunum Base solves the main problems of modern steam saunas that use classic wood-burning or electric heaters, such as temperature stratification, brief yet scorching steam, and low breathability. The unique Saunum Base sauna climate device, which complements the heater, fits in every sauna, ensuring a more even temperature with a softer and more airy steam. Himalayan salt balls and the unique features of the device make each sauna a relaxing spa experience.
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Patented air-blending system

Our heaters trap the scorching steam that rises under the ceiling of the sauna room, mix it with cooler air on the floor surface – and direct the soft steam back evenly.

This ensures a more even temperature of the steam, and the oxygen-enriched steam makes it easier to breathe.

Patented air-blending system
Longer lasting steam
Improved breathing comfort
Suitable for the whole family

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