Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on a user’s computer or mobile device when the user visits the website.

First-party cookies are cookies set by the website that the user is visiting. These can only be read by that specific website. Additionally, external services used on the website may also set their own cookies (known as third-party cookies).

Persistent cookies are cookies stored on a computer or mobile device that are not automatically deleted when the browser is closed, unlike session cookies, which are deleted when the browser is closed.

On the website, the following cookies are used:

  • Technical cookies – cookies allowed by law that are necessary for the website to function, without which certain features on the website (such as videos and location maps from services like YouTube and Google Maps) would not work.
  • Statistical cookies – collect non-personal information about how the website is used, such as which pages are visited most frequently and what visitors are searching for on the website (e.g., Google Analytics).
  • Advertising cookies – enable the delivery of targeted advertisements based on the user’s interests (e.g., Facebook Pixel).

Users have the right to refuse the storage of cookies on their computer. If a user wishes to do so, they must adjust their web browser settings. However, when blocking cookies, users should be aware that not all website features may be available to them.