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Autoleil automatic water dosing solution

In a modern relaxation sauna, all you have to do is simply enjoy a good, moist sauna. You don’t even need
to throw the water on the heated stones yourself. Saunum AutoLeil is a smart and self-learning device that automatically controls the water supply to the heater, creating and maintaining an even sauna climate
according to the sauna user’s preferences.

In a good sauna, humidity is just as important as temperature. Saunum AutoLeil is an additional device for the heater that automatically throws water on it and helps you control the humidity in the sauna room. Saunum AutoLeil is designed for Saunum heaters and is controlled through the Saunum Leil control unit. With the Saunum Leil control panel, you can pre-set 3 different types of steam and enable the use of AutoLeil.


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